The Sword Coast Seas

Travelers Journal, Day 4



Friend Arbor, Seeker Adric, and I went to the Red Ax Castle library this past evening. I spent the night reading up on the Overbright by moonlight (such a thing would have made Mother positively ecstatic ) and I learned so much: How curious that this place is so completely split in two! Apparently, this is Faerun, Overcommon is Common above ground, and the other Common is known as Undercommon (perhaps I will need to adjust my accent again if I will have little cause to speak the other Common). An oversight on my part, but I will try my best to catch up. The Gift can only do so much without nodes of information to build upon.


There is scant mention of the familiar tribes and Mystics, as far as I can tell, are practically unheard of. What this place lacks in the arcane, however, they more than make up for in divinity. The Faerun pantheon of Gods is astounding. I took a travel tome on Umberlee and Valkur as they seem to be the primary faiths on the Sword Coast. The two faiths do not get along. Even here, the children of faith carry out the grudges of their patrons. I suppose that remains constant no matter where one goes. Worse even still, since these Gods apparently talk back ! Certainly, one can occasionally happen upon the Traveler along the Path, but to be in constant concert with the Gods is sheer madness (which would much explain the goings-on upon this island).

I also read about a city called Waterdeep and Candle Keep, the great library that Seeker Adric calls home. I must admit that I am struggling to find any difference between this mind-seeker and an illithid, or even between Candle Keep and an illithid colony like Mi-go. The boundless curiosity, the practice of dissection, the compulsion to hoard knowledge, and the eagerness to seek it out, even when it pertains to the illithid.

alchemy_by_nachomolina-d75lez7.jpgFrom now on, we will have to keep a close eye on the Seeker from Candle Keep. Arbor’s faith is a thing that I can understand. But Seeker Adric… I have seen what trouble becomes of such ravenous pursuits. Traveler save him, he treads closer to the mind flayer’s path than he realizes. I am afraid for Adric.

… In truth, I am growing a bit fearful of him.

It took me a while to place this feeling: a familiarity almost. I get a sense of Eilistraee in Adric— both of them. The gentle wonder for the world is there, the unwavering care for others, but so too is the blind voraciousness for the unknown.

I am ashamed to say that I did try to scare him away from this reckless path. Adric seemed shaken enough by the living form of a Mind Flayer. It is a good start. Yet, Adric made no move to stop me. Surely, he must have known what would have happened to poor Pollux if an illithid decided to… No, Adric is not nearly frightened enough. But to tell them anymore than I already have might put us all in danger. If only I could take those damned memories from Traveler Delilah and give the him instead!

Poor Delilah

I hope that the dreams stop. I hope that I am wrong about what she saw. I pray to the Traveler that I am wrong. That memory is not her path to walk. It is MINE. The Traveler gave this Path to me and it is MINE ALONE. Please… Traveler, I beg you, please let is stay with me. No one else should have to remember such things.

I am afraid. But, I also fear for them. This time, maybe, I think that I can help. I have a plan to rescue the captain. I will have to use the Gift again, but… It is strange, to worry for my fellow Travelers—to have fellow Travelers—a People with whom to wander the world freely in whatever mask suited us. I feel normal, accepted even. How long has it been? How many years? Before the screams, before the dissection chambers, before the sundering, before the Dark, before the Outer Paths and all the trouble they led to… I was home.

It has been a good day.

Gentle child, do not cry: your feet will find you home, for our Home is the Path and those faces all about you, Family



faletti Tlex

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