Delilah Idrissi

Two-handed fighter, bard


Cheeky, acrobatic, charismatic, but more clever than wise.


Deliah is from Zakhara: The best known and most frequently visited of Faerûn’s neighboring subcontinents, Zakhara lies beyond the Great Sea to the south and east. Zakharan dhows are a common sight in the ports of Halruaa, Nimbral, Dambrath, and Luiren, and sea merchants of those lands report that a desert land of hidden wonders and subtle culture lies only a few hundred miles across the sea from Faerûn’s southern shores.

Her wealthy elf father reluctantly kept his bastard child with a human woman up until she reached adulthood, at which point he attempted to sell her as a bride to Elmar Naieder, an elf merchant from Zakhara. But Deliah was not going to be traded like an animal, and instead rebelled, fleeing only with the clothes on her back and her beloved oud, which is a form of a lute.

Since then, she has become a talented swordswoman, making her way across Faerun by playing music and doing sword tricks for money. But when she heard about the Firefly, she realized that the pirate life might be the best way to see the world — and avoid the wrath of her father or Elmar Naieder.

Delilah Idrissi

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