The Sword Coast Seas

A plan, if you can keep it

How we'll rip off this rich asshole and get to see Evermeet


Having determined that what Tristan Toussaint is holding is a mind ring and a map of Evermeet, we have a plan. Having talked Tom the Parrot into teleporting us off the ship once we pay off his debt (which Tlex will be doing with 15K gold, in their disguise as Deena the drow), we are ready to sneak out both the map and the ring from this ship.

While my fellow pirates will put themselves in the line of half-dragon and skeleton evil danger, I will focus my attentions on Tristan: Dine him, wine (especially) him, and dance and do other hand-touching things that will allow me to slip the ring off his finger and replace it with a fake I’ve had mocked up. This is how I got the key to escape my prison from my “fiance”, so I think I can pull it off now.

As for the rest of the group, my understanding is that Landgrave, disguised as a kobold named Jerry/Garry/Sam will pose as a thief being turned over by Deena/Tlex, Kozaar the bodyguard, Adric/skeleton. Once inside the chamber, Landgrave will be tossed into the crate and, as he needs not breathe, will be able to get the map. We will then (probably) have to fight our way out, but who knows? Maybe we stroll out.

Either way, I am glad to have a chance to wear my fine clothes that have been gathering mothballs in my trunk and to perform for an audience of rich people drunk types, instead of howling half-orcs. (Though the latter turns out to be a better audience, which I should have guessed.) We will survive this, I am sure. And, apparently, make our way to Evermeet. My father will be furious when he finds out — even he has never been to Evermeet.


faletti AmandaMarcotte

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