The Sword Coast Seas

Captain for A Day

Turns out captains need more than charm to get by


Because I can be very persuasive, it was on me to play-act at being captain when we docked at this far-flung island town. Captain Kat is a famous pirate and I am not (yet), and so I agreed to pretend to be the captain in order to obtain passage on this disease-ridden island. I get the impression that my companions were less than impressed with my performance, but I assume that is just do to seeing my otherwise sparkling personality swapped out for someone more officious and humble as the captain of a merchant vessel. My act worked on the Duke from the Lord’s Alliance, that’s all I’m saying. She didn’t even pick up a trace of a Zakharan accent.

I do not like this Lord’s Alliance very much. They remind me of the high society of Al-Hadhar, which is rife with powerful people like my father, who are contemptuous and controlling of the common people. But even on their worst days, the elite of the Al-Hadhar would have never done anything like condemn an entire island to death by turning into oozes, for the sole purpose of capturing a nifty and honorable pirate like Captain Kat.

Naturally, in my zeal to defeat both the Lord’s Alliance and the horror they unleashed, I died. What a strange but enlightening experience! Everyone should try it at least once. (I suppose everyone eventually does.) But not everyone has the fortune to be traveling with Tlex, and so I, nimble as a cat and apparently as lucky, am restored and have 8 of my 9 lives left.


faletti AmandaMarcotte

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