The Sword Coast Seas

Captain's Gone, But I Got A Fine New Ax


Saving people pays off! My man Torryn Dunne has gifted me a fabulous guitar named Oprega, which can not only be magically molded but seems to have impressive emotional effects, especially on goblins. Or maybe just the religiously fanatical ones.

Unfortunately, Captain Kat has been arrested, which was, of course, what we were trying to avoid by having me pretend to be the captain. Can’t say I’m sorry to be back to my regular bardic self, though.

Well, mostly back to myself. I had to act like I was that jackass Pollux Graff and, despite my tremendous acting skills, I was almost clocked by his fellow death cultist castle guard. But as poorly as that went, it at least gave us a plan for seeing if Efri Hillswind is on his side. I’m going to pretend to be him again and say “Goofenshitzer” or whatever it was, and see if she responds in kind. If not, she’s gold. If so….well, I’m just going to say that I’ve made my peace with respecting Arbor’s unusual faith.

If it seems a little un-pirate-y to spend so much time making sure this tiny island isn’t swarmed by a death cult, well, we aren’t your typical pirates. Plus, it would be a shame to save all these people’s lives only to have them get murdered the second we turn our backs. Especially as they gave me this fine-ass instrument.


faletti AmandaMarcotte

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