The Sword Coast Seas

Ep 17: The Trap Is Sprung

And Evil Is Confronted

  • You made your way deeper into the lair of Memento the Morkoth, defeating an assassin vine with a final blow from Landgrave’s Bolts to wither it.
  • Approaching the heart of the lair, you spotted a Babau drunk on the remains of a hulking crab:
  • Landgrave snuck closer and heard Memento snoring on the other side of its piled-high treasure chests
  • The Babau and Memento awoke — one from hearing Landgrave and the other as your attacks rung out. The battle was on!
  • …And quickly defused thanks to Confusion from Delilah and Hypnotic Pattern from Adric.
  • As everyone approached the center of the lair…. the floor crackled with magic and you were ported to a mysterious realm!
  • You heard a terrible laughter (and a small bit of coughing)…. the crumpled up Feeble Crown was thrown before you. A horrid voice boomed in your heads: “YOU GNATS. Did you think you could stop me? I discovered your plans — my destiny is inevitable!”
  • And with that, he threw something through the portal that opened… the head of a large horse-like being. The severed head of the adult Euphecia Nth.
  • Which blinked?
  • And with that you were ported to Euphecia’s realm with their semi-ephemeral head floating amongst you. They explained that they were very sorry. They had given you a mission to find the Crown, and they needed you to believe that was the true plan because of the way Fraz-Urb’luu can see into peoples’ minds. Euphecia expected Fraz would discover the plan, track them down as part of stopping it, and then ambush all of you to clear his path to victory. Euphecia wanted Fraz to be overconfident and believe that this was his victory, when it was really their sacrifice. Now you have been brought to his realm, where he can be destroyed forever. A trap within a trap!
  • But for adult Euphecia, this is the end…for now? There is hope of rebirth at some point, though no god can say when or how they will return. It could be ages. They were scared of the unknown, though Tlex provided genuine comfort. Euphecia promised to imbue each of you with their last remaining strength, and that when you were ready you could return to the instant you left. And they left this plane with their final words: “Avenge me, and then raise me right.”
  • You all received that new strength and were restored to the peak of your prowess. You returned to find Fraz-Urb’luu still taunting you. An illusory version of him flew forth, which Delilah’s Faerie Fire didn’t hit and Tlex could see through, tipping you off that this wasn’t real. Speaking of not real, he also has made you each appear as vicious gargoyles for his amusement, and only Delilah appears as herself right now. Tlex can see both realities, natch.
  • The real Fraz flew through the portal, but was easy to spot with your various abilities. Even Delilah, who couldn’t see him, was able to guess his spot with accuracy and get in some good hits. Kozaar struck true with his Moonblade, Adric got in some magic missiles, and Landgrave’s bolts were striking true.
  • You observed that he loves deceptive magic, attacking with his tail, and trying to damage your minds. Tlex kept saving friends from Fraz’s grasp, and the battered god appears to be preparing his next attack…

That’s where we’ll pick up next time for the finale of our adventure!


faletti faletti

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