The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 05: Adventure Notes

Just the facts for our reference

Some of the key events from Episode 05:

Planning Ahead

  • The crew left the Dragon Turtle Inn having sent Arwyn with a note to Torryn Dunne. Everyone reunited with Kozaar.
  • Kozaar revealed that Kat was fine, City Guard Commander Efri Hillswind is angling for regime change via Rolanda (who is dragging her feet), and there’s some very personal tragic history between Rolanda and Kat’s family.
  • Kozaar sent his hood of disguise to Kat via Quoth.
  • You met with Syndirri, who offered to take you all through a ritual to speak directly with Umberlee herself. As he revealed to Arbor, that might involve finding a cave and (temporarily!) drowning. Just a bit! But you would have to wait til nightfall.

To the Prison!

  • Instead, the crew opted to try and spring Captain Kat from prison. Posing as Pollux Graff (RIP) and the actual Adric, you went to speak with Efri. She clearly hates Graff and was extremely relieved by Adric’s compelling reveal that he was a leader in a secret cult who caused the island poisoning. But she’s also wary of letting Kat go (even via “prison break”) given the tensions with Rolanda Stoutvale. She also did know about the cave, though she was surprised that you did. She said a few people know about it, and that it’s one of the most special places on the island. She also said she’s got a lot of work to do to root out the cultists in her midst.
  • Then you went to speak with Captain Kat, who seemed troubled by her recent convo with Rolanda. She is annoyed you disobeyed orders, though not shocked. But she says she’s staying put for now; she feels like she might be able to make progress with Rolanda and tells you to leave her to it. And you do.
  • Next, the crew went to the cave, where a few Umberlee cultists had gone previously.

To the Cave!

  • As you entered the cave, you found two passed-out cultists with city guard clothing on underneath. You discovered that they had been eating a sap-like substance that spilled forth from rocky crystals in the cave, and surmised that they were somehow communing with their god by eating the sap. Then Kozaar cut their throats.
  • As you explored further, a voice BOOMED: “V’thrylg othx lyrxtltagh!” This terrified Arbor and Tlex as a huge block of tentacles appeared on the cave floor. An Umberlee priest was attacking from below!
  • Adric and Kozaar charged in, followed closely by Delilah. Several hold-persons kept the priest at bay, but your efforts to cut her down were delayed by the realization that the deeper you go in the cave, the more you heal every turn. This place is wild!
  • Kozaar went into a rage. Then that thing happened with Quoth. You know the thing!
  • Eventually you did overpower the cave effects and smash the priest to bits. Arbor shook off the fear, adding the essential firepower to overcome the healing. Kozaar then crushed in the side of her skull. You found under her robes a city guard sergeant uniform.
  • You took the body outside the cave and then took a short rest. As you did, Arwyn returned and recounted the scenes at the castle of Torryn Dunne taking the note to the King, who had him attacked and imprisoned.
  • Delilah also realized her guitar has been coated in some of the sap from this cave! And Tlex had earlier mixed some with a jar of Ointment, which they still have.

Setting a Trap

  • Then you planned an ambush of the other cultists, setting up in the bushes and blowing the Shell of Umberlee.
  • Soon, a litter carried by 4 soldiers approached. With Tlex posing as Pollux Graff, the boy king Errol Redaxe stepped out and spoke the Deep Speech to Pollux. Thanks to Tlex knowing the same, the ruse worked well.
  • Adric attacked first with surprise, and the fight was on! Unfortunately for Adric, that meant a lot of lightning bolts sent his way. Like, a LOT. Each of the guards cracked a crystal on the neck, calling a persistent lightning storm down on Adric. Fortunately, Adric plays well with the elements, and what could have been many dozens of points of damage was frequently reduced by his reflexes and magic.

The Twist

  • Everyone got in their shots, taking out the overmatched guards, and then the King’s rage caused a flicker of form — he was not who he seemed! That threw Tlex for quite a loop as they realized that this was someone like him…which was confirmed when this “king” attacked them and called them a “traitor.”
  • Tlex pleaded with the group not to kill the boy. There was hesitation, but Delilah fired first, and Arbor took that as a sign and put in the killing blow with his arrow.
  • Darkness spilled forth from Tlex as he carried the dead being towards the cave….

Please add any other details or corrections you’d like to preserve in the comments below!


Couple things to add:

Delilah’s lute has the same magic as the cave (as per Detect Magic)

Adric squished the priest with a rock (much to his shame)…Kozaar was just making sure.

Adric also has a sample of the “sap”. In a vial.

Episode 05: Adventure Notes
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