The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 06: Just the Facts

A summary of the last days of Gundabarg


The Eleventh Child’s End

We began with Tlex, shrouded in a cloud of darkness, spending their last psi points to revive the dead Changeling in their arms.

As they came to in the fading darkness, the Changeling—Mother’s Eleventh Child—groggily recounted some alarming developments:

  • Mother, the Ullithid with whom Tlex has some kind of relationship, did in fact find the remains of a Nautiloid. FYI, that’s a ship (from possibly the future and the past) created by Illithids that can travel through space-time. Illithids no longer seem to know how to create or use them, so they desperately hunt for the remains of old ones.
  • She used its last bit of power to travel to Eberron somehow and capture several other Changelings before being returned to Faerun.
  • She performed some kind of ultra-powerful mind wipe on the Changelings to make them her “Children.” They believe Mother rescued them from a terrible place and are utterly devoted to her. There are now fourteen Children of Mother who have spread out over the seas to look for Mother’s lost and traitorous First Child: Tlex.

Then the Child began ranting about how Mother can see all of this through their eyes, and how Mother and her pets are coming. They were on their way and would be there within two days. When Mother and her pets—giant psychic worms known as neothelids that come from the remains of illithids—there was no way anyone or anything on the island would be left alive.

Tlex took all of this in before finally asking Adric to kill this Child. And with a shocking grasp, Adric did.

Searching for a Plan

The group then ran through several scenarios of what to do. Send Tlex away? Sacrifice Tlex to Mother? Lead Mother away somehow or trick her?

Then Torryn Dunne arrived, searching for the King. When he saw Tlex’s illithid disguise, he fainted. But the cave gave him strength, and he slowing recovered and became more helpful.

Before they could settle on a plan, though, Adric downed his vial of the mystical cave sap!

Face-to-Face with Mystra

Adric was hoping to speak to Ouuruvil, and if he had thought more…worshipfully of them, he might have succeeded! But instead he was taken to one of the faces of Mystra, and granted answers to any three questions he wanted to ask.

Naturally, he wasted the first two on logistical questions around stopping the worms…but Mystra did mention that the best way to stop the worms from coming would be to go back in time using a “time portal.”

Needless to say, Adric was fascinated by the possibility of whatever a time portal was, so he asked where the nearest time portal was. He was told it was in Evermeet, protected by their High Sage.

And with that, he was transported back to the group. They decided that the best plan was to evacuate the roughly 520 villagers of Gunadabarg ASAP. But with only 2 ships in the harbor, how would they do it? Kat, Rolanda, or Efri would hopefully have some ideas…

A Hearty Truce

The group traveled to the city watch tower, and on their way to Efri’s office they heard Rolanda…laughing? It turned out Rolanda and Kat had come to a few agreements:
1) Kat’s dead dad, the ghost pirate Jacque Bremmer, is the worst and needs to be eliminated.
2) Kat is committed to doing that within the year.
3) Kat would leave someone important to her with Rolanda as collateral until that job is done.

Delilah and Adric were persuasive as heck when it came to explaining the dire situation on the island, and as soon as the word “neothelid” was mentioned, Rolanda snapped to attention. She knew what they were and that this was very, very serious. But what were they to do?

It was then that Kat confessed that she’s part of a sending stone network for Sword Coast pirates. She would go to the Firefly and reach out to see who might be able to help.

Contacting the Red Boar

Kat reached out with the stones and was half-relieved, half-annoyed that the one person within range was the flamboyant Dwarven pirate The Red Boar. His Three Snouts (ships) — The Snubnose, The Wide Brige, and The Crooked Hook — were all close by. But his help would not come cheap.

Gimme the Loot, Gimme the Loot

So the group needed to come up with some sort of sizable payment fast. Arbor quickly checked in with his new devotee Nibbles, who suggested that there might be two places to get some valuables:
1) The import/export warehouse, where goods in transit are stored.
2) The house of Turnip Tumbleton, a farmer who was rumored to traffic in some kind of secret magic items

The group seemed set to go to Turnip’s house, but Kozaar’s familiar, Quoth, began to get agitated at the choice for some reason. The group decided to split up.

Turnip and his Magic Stones

Delilah and Adric went to Turnip’s house. He greeted them with stew and warmth, grateful for the help of the pirates with the ooze problem. (Adric had initially been dressed as a city guard, which put Turnip off, but then revealed himself). He actually said he had been preparing a reward for them saving so many people in Gundabarg, and he presented them with five Ioun Stones!

He also revealed that he had been been growing them—literally—on a stalk hidden atop the grassy top of the mystical cave entrance. The process took years, but he said there might be some tiny unripe stones that might be of value, so off they went to find out.

Strange Statues

Meanwhile, Kozaar and Tlex went to the warehouse. The security guard basically asked them to knock him out, and in they went.

Quoth began insisting they protect “the valuables.” He landed on a crate full of…gargoyle statues? Eight of them, to be precise. When Kozaar took one out of the crate, his body markings lit up and he felt a surge of power. And he seemed very confused by all of this.

Tlex found a crate of walking sticks, and took an ivory one with an octopus head. They then bashed in that octopus head and kept the rest of the stick.

On their way to the cave, Adric and Delilah saw the knocked-out security guard and stopped in at the warehouse. Adric cast Identify on the gargoyle statue and discovered that each of them have a single daily charge that can be used to cast Fear.

Kozaar decided to keep one, which pleased Quoth, and the group decided they’d offer the rest to the Red Boar as part of their payment. Then the group went and got the baby Ioun Stones, too.

A Deserved Rest

Everyone slept at Turnip’s, recovering spells slots and emerging the next morning as the picture of health. After breakfast, the group joined in the efforts to alert citizens to the need to evacuate.

The Red Boar Is Ravenous

The Red Boar arrived, and when he was presented with the baby stones, he scoffed and scattered them, demanding much more if he was to help.

The group let him know that there was a certain castle that could be ransacked for loot, and this pleased him greatly. Everyone joined the Boar on his Snubnose as he sailed over to the Castle for a look-see.

Pillaging the Castle and Recovering a King

As his experienced pillagers swept through the castle, the Red Boar’s crew also discovered a hidden passageway in the King’s quarters…and in there, the King himself! He had been starved nearly to death, but the Changeling had been keeping him alive and using him as a source of information to keep up their ruse.

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

With the Red Boar’s hulls full of castle loot and everyone aboard all five ships, the entire village of Gundabarg set sail for Neverwinter.

Later that night, everyone saw what seemed like red, blue, and purple fireworks in the distance towards Gundabarg. Adric had left Arwyn behind to observe Mother’s arrival, and some kind of terrible battle appeared to be taking place underground, with bright shafts of light spilling out from it…until the battle ended. Whatever had been defending Gundabarg lost, and the worms broke through. They began their devouring of all life on the island.

As the group sailed away, Tlex reflected on the note they left behind for Mother. Hopefully, she will find it….


That picture had me laughing so loudly… and then immediately feeling guilty.

Slight correction. Adric knocked the Changeling child out. Tlex actually slit their throat with Pollox’s dagger after whispering something about the Path in their ear.

Episode 06: Just the Facts
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