The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 07: Just the facts

Neverwinter gets racist

  • R&R had been going so well—shopping and the like. Kozaar’s battle tankard will be ready by the time we start the next adventure, as will Tlex’s order with Relish the trader.
  • You were drinking at the Driftwood Tavern when Adric spotted a goblin—and then another—running away from something as fast as they could.
  • Arbor hurried out and stopped the third, who blurted out that there was a problem at the furrier where he worked. He genuinely seemed terrified!
  • The gang went to have a look, and four stout men in masks stood around the door. The smell of fire was coming from within. These guys tried not to let you pass, but Kozaar shoved his way forward and the fight was on!
  • Thanks to Tlex’s teleportation, you also quickly found out that three of these masked men were inside the furrier terrorizing the owner, a goblin named Huddle.
  • It quickly became clear that these guys were trying to terrorize this shop because it was goblin-owned, and that things were escalating quickly. The leader of the group kept his focus on Huddle and didn’t let up.
  • The combat got pretty intense—two of the thugs beat up on Adric a bit, Delilah and Arbor got kills, Kozaar was tussling with several at once, Tlex was bouncing themselves and the bad guys from place to place…and the lead thug killed Huddle.
  • As the fight got away from the thugs, they ran, scattering to the four corners. But the lead thug was tracked by Arwyn and then followed by a winged Tlex, who made up ground when the lead thug stumbled and fell over on his run. By switching places with him, Tlex basically caused the bad guy to fall over 100 feet and only Adric stepping in to stabilize him kept him alive.
  • There was also one other masked thug who didn’t get away. Delilah and Arbor questioned him, and he ranted about how Neverwinter was for humans, and with all these new humans arriving from Gundabarg, now was the time to clear out all the other kinds of folks. He held up for a bit, but once Tlex pulled out the mind flayer trick, he peed himself and told you everything.
  • “Everything” included that his boss who you also had captured was Solomon Sharpe, a local merchant, that meetings were held at Conrad Fullbeard’s private club the Alemaster’s Abode (which matched a token you picked up off a search of Solomon’s body), and that he sincerely believed in some massive goblin/non-human conspiracy to take over Neverwinter.
  • Adric also spotted a flyer that was posted mockingly in the furriers. It was some kind of handout about the “purity” of Neverwinter as a town for humans, but Huddle had clearly scribbled “Ha!” over it and posted it as a sign of his unwillingness to be intimidated.
  • Vormir Grimm, the Hand of the Protector, showed up to assess the situation. Delilah was so convincing that Grimm deputized her as the Thumb of the Hand of the Protector and told her to keep “her people” in line as he sorted this out. He seemed to be convinced she was some kind of lawperson from Gundabarg and liked the cut of her jib. He talked tough about stamping this out, but Adric saw through this and that he’s actually a bit of a coward. But probably not crooked, exactly.
  • Grimm took Dev Peepants and Solomon Sharpe back to the watch station for the night. Arwyn kept watch for future questioning.
  • The gang visited a very relaxed Captain Kat, who agreed to alert the crew about the anti-human uprising, and then everyone went to take a long rest.
  • The next morning, Adric and Delilah went to see Borden Merrigold, a scribe whose work looked a lot like the desecrated flyer. He eventually admitted it was his handiwork, but said he was paid anonymously. He seemed uncomfortable and like it was done under duress somehow? It was generally agreed that he might need to be watched.
  • Arwyn overheard the questioning of Solomon Sharpe after he woke up. Sharpe played dumb, claiming he didn’t know what happened and that he was the victim. Grimm seemed eager for him to just confess so he could close the case, but without a tidy bow like that, Grimm was forced to keep the men in custody and to look into the matter.
  • Kozaar, Tlex, and Arbor went to the Arbormaster’s Abode and used Solomon’s token for entry. Kozaar played up their Gundabargian nature to make friends with the bartender, who talked up Conrad’s pro-human vision for the city. Tlex leaned into their female guise to charm the bartender further and seek possible employment, which he was eager to recommend to Conrad.
  • Delilah and Adric joined them and they all awaited Conrad’s arrival…


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