The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 13: Just the facts

An epic deck battle!

Let’s keep this simple:

  • There were 12 ghostly raiders from the Corpse Flower!
  • There was a Boneclaw!
  • There was Odorreth of Dark Portent, an evil undead mage!

And our heroes defeated them all, even as they came in waves!

  • Tlex used multiple psychic blasts to damage and then kill multiple raiders!
  • Landgrave danced, dodged, and weaved, making himself nearly impossible to attack!
  • Delilah was ruthlessly efficient with her silvered rapiers!
  • Adric and Arwin used dragon’s breath to great effect!
  • Kozaar’s thunderous attack sent enemies careening over the side of the ship!

The “Tlex effect” sent one raider into a child’s apple orchard for a turn, Odorreth into a Hill Dwarf picnic, and Delilah into a jar…downstairs?

Then the Dread Pirate Jacque Bremmer appeared!

One well-placed Turn Undead sent the Boneclaw away! It would have worked on the Dread Pirate, but he called upon his new master…and TRANSFORMED:

He went below deck to find and kill his troublesome daughter. Tlex followed and ego-whipped him into a defensive posture. Jacque called his daughter a coward for refusing to face him alone, but she reminded him that believing in the power of friendship is literally the difference between them. And she went for an artful blow to follow up that inspiring moment…only to stick her sword in the wall.

Many of you followed into the lower deck to see and/or intervene…and we will pick up there next time!


faletti faletti

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