The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 15: To Evermeet!

Bugs, meetings, and lightning galore

With fresh improvements to The Firefly, you sailed off to Evermeet!

  • Along the way, you spotted an incredibly rare sight — a volcano in the middle of the ocean.
  • But sadly, it turned out to be a portal to the Nine Hells, and from it six Hellwasps emerged:
  • Arwyn hit two of them with a ton of cold damage, which appeared to hurt them badly. Delilah and Tlex flew out to confront them, and the fight was on!
  • There was slowing, confusing, enemies abounding, lethal crossbow hits, lethal bolts from the grave, and so much more.
  • In the end, they barely scratched your team, and when Tlex reached out to apologize telepathically, the Hellwasps conveyed: 1) fuck you, and 2) you are more trouble than you’re worth. They ran and y’all sailed on.

Then you arrived at Evermeet!

  • You sailed into a harbor that wasn’t there, and then suddenly was. You were met instantly and curiously, and were taken immediately to the Council of Matrons consisting of Arlua, Zorif, Pirridon, Qualline, and Vernia.
  • Adric started rambling awkwardly, but then Delilah stepped in with a beautiful song summarizing the tale. As she played, Adric did lights, Tlex did real-life portraits, and Kozaar and Landgrave added some enthusiastic percussion. The Council was delighted!
  • Arlua asked to speak to the captain who led you to Evermeet, and Kat produced the Ring of Mind-Shielding with captain Yarael Eladrian in it.
  • Arlua went off to attune to it, and y’all conducted small talk with the Council (and another song). It went well, and Kozaar didn’t even break anything!
  • It was also confirmed that Adric had gone to Candlekeep to acquire a Scroll of Demiplane during your journey. So you have that in the bag, so to speak.
  • You asked about the location of the Feeble Crown, and they referred you to their Keeper of Lore, an older elf named Lyrin. It’s been a few decades since anyone heard from him, but Zorif reminded everyone that if he died they’d know because the Gods would transfer his knowledge to a new Keeper.

So off you went to meet Lyrin!

  • As you approached his farmhouse in the perpetual magic hour light of this Land Out of Time, Lyrin popped out and waved hello!
  • But then Tlex and Adric spotted a lightning bolt headed your way from a Young Blue Dragon!
  • Lyrin seemed to think this was gentle horseplay? He waved again and encouraged you young ruffians to have fun.
  • The fight was on, but then it was briefly paused as Adric successfully banished the young flying blue fellow. Everyone prepared an attack and…
  • As soon as the dragon reappeared, you all assailed him to great effect! Battered, tattered, and surprised at his miscalculation, the dragon called for a truce.

Will you take the truce? Or finish him off? And what’s up with this Lyrin guy? We’ll pick up there next time!


faletti faletti

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