The Sword Coast Seas

Episode 16: Pursuing the Crown

Teaching dragons, befriending crocs

  • Picking up from last time, you had Azegos the Young Blue Dragon on the ropes, and he begged for a truce. He explained that he was raised from an egg by Lyrin, but was desperate to break out on his own and explore his true dragon-ness, so he admitted to accosting visitors of Lyrin’s for treasure to build his nest egg. Euphecia took a liking to him, and as powerful beings raised by fleshsacks, they had a lot in common, so they went off to hang out.
  • Lyrin, Keeper of the Lore, no longer has much of his memory. He kept forgetting who you were and why you were there, and didn’t seem to remember much of the items he supposedly knew everything about. But Landgrave keenly spotted his love of games amidst his clutter and challenged him to a Dragonchess match. Meanwhile, Tlex subtly restored some of his vigor.
  • The game was tense, but Landgrave was victorious! And Lyrin came alive to talk about the Feeble Crown, which he recalled had been stolen as part of a raid on a Dwarven village by a twisted Morkoth named Memento.
  • Morkoths are famous for looting and hoarding, building their personal menageries and treasure collections for sinister amusement. Lyrin had even had dealings with this particular one, as he has with many of the creatures of the realm who would steal and misuse the most powerful magical items of the realm. And in fact, he left himself a pathway to it thanks to his ability to Transport via Plants.
  • Meanwhile, Kozaar was able to bring back Anilinare for the first time, and was greatly relieved to find out that her disappearance was much more disturbing for him than for her!
  • After a good night’s rest and some food (and another game to re-sharpen Lyrin for the job ahead), you took him up on the offer to send you to the lair of this Memento creature. He agreed to come check on you, and to make sure that he did, Delilah left a note and Tlex left a series of Dragonchess challenges for him to solve…and keep himself sharp.
  • So thanks to Lyrin’s badass plant magic, you instantly found yourselves in a dank lair, a few levels underground. It had clearly seen better days — the water was fetid, and everything had the feeling of near-ruin.
  • Tlex used their invisible magic eyeball to scout around, finding a living lightning bolt acting as a sentinel. The team did great damage, but also left itself prone to a lightning strike. Fortunately, everyone found a way (or got some help!) to resist much of the harm, but it was still a hair-raising experience.
  • Tlex-eye continued to scout ahead and found a few dead giant rats, followed by a room of old sarcophagi…and a giant croc! This croc was collared and scarred, sleeping warily.
  • The gang banded together to offer food, healing, a pleasant whistle, and an awe-inspiring introduction to a conception of The Traveler to the croc. With that, he bounded forth with renewed hope for a life away from this filthy pit.
    *The eye continued its scouting, and it became clear that this “menagerie” had seen better days. It was mostly abandoned thus far, but surely more trouble lurks in its depths….

And we’ll pick up there next time!


faletti faletti

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