The Sword Coast Seas

Let's knock over some rich asshole!

We killed a yeti and ended a human supremacist org, so it's reward time

We killed this guy. Well, Arbor did.

Captain Kat keeps calling us “social justice warriors”, and you know, I’m okay with that. I don’t look it, but I’ve lived through some hard times and it’s nice to have a chance in this life to make the world a little better. So, if we shut down a human supremacist organization and saved a neighborhood of half-orcs, I’m happy with that.

The Eel is still loose, but I feel strongly that the Zhentarim can deal with that. And if we meet again sometime, I would also be cool with kicking his elf ass from here to Leuthilspar.

Most importantly, Captain Kat promised that we are going to rob some rich asshole — emphasis on asshole – on our next mission. I am so excited, y’all. This is what being a pirate is all about.



faletti AmandaMarcotte

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