The Sword Coast Seas

Posted in the Town Square: Welcome Gundabargians!

We can't wait to help Neverwinter feel like home


My Dear Gundabargians,

We were so sorry to hear about the loss of your homes and island. Here in Neverwinter, we understand what disaster is like. When Mount Hotenow erupted 50 years ago, much of Neverwinter was destroyed.

While you can still see the echoes of our pain and loss, we hope you’ll also see that Neverwinter is truly growing again! Good humanfolk such as yourselves are not only welcome, but essential to regaining our full strength and purity of heart.

Two tragedies have befallen us, but we hope from it will rise one strong people. Stay, and be merry! Find a friend or three, and let us know how we can help you make Neverwinter your new home.

The Welcoming Committee


faletti faletti

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