The Sword Coast Seas

The Captain and I have more in common than I knew

Sisters doing it for themselves

I’ll admit, I probably should have warned Captain Kat that I’ve run afoul of the merchant elves of Zakhara, one who is my father and the other who thinks he’s to be my husband. But let’s be real: I never thought they would actually come for me! I thought, by clearing out of the country, Pops would write me off as dead and Elmar would decide to settle his debt with my father some other way. I’d be worthless as a merchant’s wife anyway. I can’t tell one fancy tea from the next and am entirely indifferent to what fancy cups you are to drink tea from.

The Captain was mad. Fair enough! But then we find out she has a shit dad of her own who is also sending his goons after her. And say what you will about the goons Elmar sent after me, at least they don’t possess people’s bodies.

Still, I like Captain Kat and hope that now she sees we have more common than not: Piracy, crap dads, hearts of gold, a taste for rum and pirate songs. I can see us having a long, successful working relationship, so long as neither of us gets killed doing this.

Also, what was with Arun being so annoyed by “The Cowardly Squire”? It’s a classic!


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