The Sword Coast Seas

We Saved The Furs!

But is it too late to save Neverwinter?


Never a dull moment in the life of pirates! (Well, most of our voyage was dull, except for the part when Kozar drowned himself, which was cool, but only because he lived.) Here I thought the integration of Gunderbarg and Neverwinter was going to be seamless, but alas, it seems that the refugee crisis has spurred on a racist movement against non-humans who want to “Make Neverwinter Great Again”. And by great, I mean hella racist.

We kicked some serious ass on a group of humans in the process of committing a hate crime against a furrier (though sadly one of the goblins died despite our best efforts). Now the question is just how deep this conspiracy goes, and if Neverwinter can be saved or if it needs to be fireballed off the face of the planet.

The Watch somehow recruited me to be the Thumb of the Hand of the Protector. So I have this sweet badge that I definitely will be using if I need to seem more official. We thought the Watch might be in on the racist conspiracy, but mostly they just seem indifferent. Mostly eager to look the other way.

But there are hints that the conspiracy is not welcomed by all in Neverwinter. The scribe we approached appears to be threatened by the conspiracists.

So now we’re sitting in the Alemaster’s Abode, waiting for Conrad Fullbeard and more information about this conspiracy. We’re all using our hoods of disguise to conceal our more scruffy or not exactly human visages. (Except Tlex, who has chosen the form which most appeals to dumb human men who need persuading.) What will happen next is tough to say, but I feel duty bound to stop this conspiracy. The people of Gunderbarg have had a tough go of it, and they don’t need to be the cover story for a bunch of racists.

On that note, I would also like to apologize to the citizens of Gunderbarg, because we keep pretending to be among you while running around telling people we’re human supremacists. Hopefully you guys won’t get a reputation!


faletti AmandaMarcotte

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